My current body of work is informed by Ecofeminist philosophy, which links the commodification of the natural world with historical subjection of women and vulnerable people. Specifically, this work focuses on establishing equality between the body and the earth as its ecosystem. I am interested in the way reliance on unsustainable resource acquisition, ubiquity of synthetic materials, and consumption of digital imagery are creating physical and intellectual separation between the body and its native environment. This separation is necessary in upholding practices that serve human life over the environment as a whole and set a precedent for systemic inequality to exist on smaller scales. I obscure an established hierarchical relationship between the body and the earth by positioning synthetic materials and digital imagery relative to abstract bodily forms and organic elements. The resulting works are textured, layered spaces which decontextualize both organic and synthetic elements and allow for new visual and tactile relationships to emerge.

The formal components of my work include various representations of nature and the body, which range from realistic to highly-simplified icons. I use imagery and materials in different degrees of removal from their original state to highlight distortion. The setting of each piece is a patterned backdrop made of sewn or digitally printed fabric. Minimally processed organic elements, such as dried flowers and raw wool, are crossed with industrial materials, such as epoxy resin and polymer fabric, and applied to the surface. Abstract figurative shapes collected from life drawing are painted between layers of pattern and fibers, placing the body in an environment that is not discernibly real or fabricated. This body of work consists of medium-scale paintings that overlap patterns and three-dimensional fibers applications with sinuous figurative forms.

The continuation of unsustainable practices depends on an overall acceptance of the Earth as a resource to be used, instead of an ecosystem of which humans are one part. By removing the body, organic elements, synthetic materials, and digital imagery from their original context, I create new relationships and ask how they might shape our conceptions of the natural world.