Pink: An Exploration

Added on by Kenzie Adair.

I am delighted that my mixed media work titled Lilith Nest was included in this exhibition! 15 artists were included in this show, each with our own meditation on how the work related to the central theme. The show is open through August 28th at the Henry Zarrow Center for Art and Education in Tulsa, OK.

Statement from the Curators:

“Pink: An Exploration brings together artists from across the region as they explore color, both as a physical experience and a cultural symbol. Artists in the exhibition have created work of varied disciplines that explores pink through the lens of material culture, domestic culture, phenomenology, politics, gender, sexuality, and more. Curated by Catherine Crain, CJ Charbonneau, and Gretchen VanWormer.”

Lilith Nest , 2018.

Lilith Nest, 2018.

My statement about this piece:

"Lilth Nest" is focused on the experience of being conditioned or raised female, and how that contributes to a sense of shame concerning the body in its natural state. The color pink is associated with young girls as a way to celebrate and identify a child's gender, but is also used as an insidious marketing tool to limit acceptable behavior and expression. I explore the roles synthetic materials and consumption of digital imagery play in female conditioning by placing an organic female form amidst materials marketed to women as "improvements" to their bodies, such as hair extensions, plastic accessories, and idealized bodies from magazines.”

The show looks fantastic and the opening was so much fun! This group of work is wonderfully diverse in medium and in relation to the theme. Videos from the opening reception below.